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EXHALE Lounge @ HQ

Call up couple of your closest friends and come dressed clean and casually to enjoy our newest attraction: "Exhale" Lounge. When the sun goes down outside, the lights inside our venue go down as well to make our premier entertainment area an intimate vibe with dimmed lights and tall burgundy drapes scaling the walls, a truly unrivaled experience! To make your time with us more enjoyable, we are offering a special cocktail and appetizer menu associated with the Lounge procuring beautiful aesthetic touches that differs from our staple sports bar’s menu. This large multi-purpose space has over 2,300 square feet available for full or partitioned rentals. Rental options include event hosting, meetings, and birthday parties during daytime hours.


Make sure to check Exhale Lounge’s Calendar to find which events throughout the week best fit your style and come join us as we cultivate one of the largest and most entertaining Lounge’s Prince George’s County has to offer.


Entrance to the lounge after dusk is permitted only to individuals of age 21 and older.


Step inside a world of fun and adventure in the best arcade Bowie. -  Located above and beside Laser Tag at PartyHQ. Start your journey by testing your driving skills at one of the classic racing-style games, or see how many points you can score by shooting basketballs through a hoop. Play on your own or grab a few friends and challenge each other to see who can score the most points. Parents don’t be shy! Guests of all ages are welcome inside the arcade to play one of the many entertaining games—so come on in and show your kids how it’s done!


Whatever you do, be sure to hold onto your play cards so you can redeem them for a fun prize at the end of the day. There are almost 50 different games within the PartyHQ arcade, so you’ll be sure to find something that suits your fancy. There’s certainly no shortage of fun.


Our location features Hologate, the newest VR rage across the country – and PartyHQ is the first to get Hologate in the Prince George’s County! Play together as a team or challenge your friends in a Player vs. Player competitive match. Our exclusive multiplayer content for arcade and e-sports is easy to learn. The modular components and future proof upgrade options keep the platform state of the art!



No matter your skill level, you're going to love bowling at PartyHQ. Take cool white lanes, add a state-of-the-art electronic scoring system and rocking surround sound entertainment system, and you've got a real PartyHQ experience. Compete with friends, shoot for the perfect game, or take advantage of our Mad Games, unique games within our scoring system like Bowlin' Hood and Battle on the Lanes. Kids will love our bumpers, dragon bowling ball ramps, and interactive games like the Monster Factory. Our scoring system lets you upload selfies, the ambient black lighting adds an extra element of excitement, and lane-side food service means you don't go hungry while you're enjoying the perfect game!



Keep using the same Players Card on each visit, once you have an accumulative spend of $400 on one Players Card, turn it in to a VIP Card and play for the lowest price on every game, every day! Pro Tip-use the same Player Card to pay for all your purchases at PartyHQ and accumulate your $400 spend faster. Players Card is accepted for Bowling, Laser Tag, Food & Beverage purchases as well as arcade game play.

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